You may have taken a break from Undead Labs' zombie survival game State of Decay, but you'll soon have a reason to return when new downloadable content arrives later this month.

Over on the Undead Labs blog, the developer dished the dirt on the upcoming Breakdown DLC. Breakdown will bring a number of changes to the XBLA title, most notably, the increased difficulty with multiple playthroughs. As you move from scenario to scenario, resources will dwindle faster. Zombies will become more aggressive. Hordes will become larger. Cars will be tougher to come by. By the end, Undead wants State of Decay to provide a challenge so stiff, even the developers themselves would be hard-pressed to survive.

The content is currently going through Microsoft's certification process, and Undead is still testing Breakdown in-house to get all the kinks out they can before launch. If everything goes to plan, Breakdown should be out before the end of October. What better way to celebrate Halloween than by smashing a few more zombie heads?