Police say a thief stole a designer purse from a vehicle in an unlocked garage in southern Sioux Falls Monday night, but the purse was recovered after the owner's husband chased the burglar.

Officer Sam Clemens says a man who lives in the 5700 block of South Grand Prairie Avenue went from his house to his attached garage around 10pm Monday, and he found someone going through his wife's vehicle.

Clemens says the man yelled at the burglar and he took off, but as he left he grabbed the man's wife's purse and ran.

Clemens says the Louis Vuitton  purse was valued at $4,500, but he says the homeowner chased the burglar across the street.

That's when the thief dropped the purse and kept running.

Clemens says the purse, with the woman's wallet and cash still inside, was returned to the owner, but he says it's another lesson about keeping houses and garages locked, since the side door to the garage had been left unlocked.

The burglar was described as a white or Hispanic male in his late 20s, 5'10" and weighing around 200 pounds, He was wearing an olive green jacket.