Pilot Suicide is a 25-year-old SuicideGirl from Indiana. Pilot finds happiness in her dogs, her cat, cuddling, autumn and making things. Oh my god — she's just like your Grandma... if your Gram wore those Hipster Potter glasses and had copious amounts of ink on her arms, shoulders and down near her mound.

A principled soul, Pilot is saddened by American pop culture and consumerism and she is expressly not into Walmart or meat. Hopefully these issues don't stem from one bad date experience involving Zac Efron and a jerky giveaway at a SuperCenter.

Pilot Suicide has also confessed to 'raping department stores,' which sounds like it should be illegal or at least impossible. Ever the rebel.

NAME: Pilot Suicide

AGE: 21


MAKES HER HAPPY: My dogs Igby & Fred, my kitty Petunia, cuddles, autumn and making things.

MAKES HER HAPPY: Friends who live far away, American pop culture and consumerism.

INTO:Bicycling, collecting old stuffs, records, a good rhyming thesaurus, travel, word masters, film, supporting local businesses, herb gardens, cooking.

NOT INTO: Mosquitos, casseroles, Walmart, meat.

SHE SPENDS MOST OF HER FREE TIME: Raping department stores and designing synthetic hairballs for ceramic cats. I also riverdance the sh*t out of spiders from time to time.


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