Quinne is a Suicide Girl from California with deadly curves and a smart mouth.

NAME: Quinne Suicide

AGE: 28

LOCATION: California, USA

HOMETOWN: The Milky Way

OCCUPATION: Land mermaid

STATS: Short and sweet, occasionally hilarious.

BODY MODS: Deadly curves and a smart mouth.

GETS ME HOT: My apartment in the summer, riding my bike uphill, vegetarians/vegans.


FANTASY: That several versions of me live in different realms, doing all the things I didn't/don't do in this one.

SIGN: Do not mix with alcohol.

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: On prom night, with a beer in my left hand, to someone else's date. Heyo! (Seriously.)

MY KINK FACTOR: I'll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

MY PIGEONHOLES: Hip hop, crafty, arty, hardcore, tattooed, indie rocker, designwank, retro, hillbilly, punk, piercing, metalhead, hippy, rockabilly, bookworm, drum & bass, geek, fetish.

INTO:  Climbing onto rooftops, cold beaches, windy nights, yoga, being kind, dreamy music, sleeping with the windows open, people from Boston.

HOBBIES: Reading, yoga, cooking, crochet.

VICES: Nostalgia, coffee.


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