Tarion Suicide is a SuicideGirl from Johannesburg, South Africa. Like so many SuicideGirls, Tarion lives a very interesting life. She claims to be a part-time assassin, which is probably illegal in South Africa, but we're not telling anyone.

Tarion also claims to have lost her virginity on a merry-go-round (unlike your mom, who may have lost her virginity in a Merry-Go-Round, while she was on a break from her job at Chess King). Tarion's fantasy is "A nun, a merry-go-round and a packet of M&M's. You do the math."

We'll, we're not very good at math, but that equation might look like this:

{Tarion + merry-go-round + Nun + M&M's = boner / religious guilt}

Tarion also enjoys Maynard James Keenan and every band that he's ever been involved with like Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. We're not sure how Maynard gets left off the merry-go-round, but whatever, we're not complaining.

NAME: Tarion Suicide

LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa

OCCUPATION: Part-Time Assassin.

MAKES HER HAPPY: Trent Reznor, Pink Fluffy Killer Bunnies and cupcakes.

MAKES HER SAD: Animals in cages.

INTO: Doing things I shouldn't be doing.

NOT INTO: Trendy stuff.

SHE SPENDS MOST OF HER FREE TIME: Contemplating what I'll do first when the world bows before me... Oh, and what's for supper.


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