The Patriots made the world speechless as they came up with a game winning interception at the one yard line in Super Bowl XLIX. Even with the drama throughout the game, it falls short of being the best Super Bowl of all time.

I asked members of the ESPN 99.1 Facebook page if Super Bowl XLIX the greatest of all time. The answer? No. The most common choice was kind of surprising, as most people enjoyed the Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams Super Bowl in 1999.

For those that don't remember the Titans/Rams Super Bowl, the game came down to the wire with the Titans driving. Steve McNair was able to connect on a pass to Kevin Dyson, but Dyson fell just one yard short.

Greatest of all time? I don't know if I could put that game in that position, but that's the beauty of differing opinions. The ending was great, but give me Super Bowl XLIX (Seahawks/Patriots), Super Bowl XLVII (Ravens/49ers), and XLIII (Steelers/Cardinals) over the Titans/Rams

My personal vote is fueled by the story entering the game. I remember being very excited for the game for what was on the line...19-0

Super Bowl XLII in 2008 still holds as my favorite Super Bowl of all time. The drama of the Patriots trying to complete the perfect season, while the lowly wild card New York Giants look to shock the world, puts this game ahead of the others for me. Nobody believed the Giants could win, and that was all the talk before the game.

The game itself though came down to many small instances that decided the game. David Tyree helmet catch anyone? The perfect Patriots were not able to sneak this game away like they did earlier in the season, and the Giants became linked as the one behind 18-1.

Overall though, we have been met with some great Super Bowl games over the last 20 years. There have been a few bad ones (looking at you XLVIII, XLI, and XXXVII) but the good have far outweighed the bad.

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