There's a firestorm in the Northeast and it isn't Sandy, however it has a similar ring to it, its called, "Superstorm Andy".

After another disappointing performance by the Philadelphia Eagles last night on Monday Night Football, more and more speculation has come about whether or not long time Eagles head coach Andy Reid will be fired at some point this year.

I am not one to run to the podium to fire established, well-respected coaches in any league, but in this case, its long over due.

From 2001-2004 the Eagles were either in the NFC Championship game or in the Super Bowl.  Since then, its been a collection of one NFC Championship game, early round exits or not making the playoffs at all.

Add into account last years 8-8 performance after Reid's clown for a backup QB Vince Young proclaimed them a "Dream Team", this year's bar was set higher by ownership and the Eagles have been diving under the bar all year.

Escaping the first four games 3-1, this Eagles team behind penalties, lack of discipline and poor decision making from their franchise quarterback Mike Vick, have found themselves losing 4 strait and sitting at 3-5.

Reid has lost the confidence of ownership, his players ability to follow their leader, the fan-base's assurance in him and even more importantly, he's about to lose his job!

Move on from the dumpster-fire surrounding the Eagles franchise.  Move on with the 2012 season with out Reid and begin the search to find a replacement as soon as possible!

I certainly think it does no one good to keep a lame duck coach around for the rest of the season.  Fire Andy Reid now!