How Much???
What is the most expensive t-shirt that you have ever bought? Chances are it's nowhere close to how much a Brock Lesnar shirt is going for.
Old Man Buys Old Football
Ninety-eight years ago, Georgia Tech University laid down the largest smack down in college football history by destroying Cumberland University 222-0. Now the football that was used that day was sold to Ryan Schneider for a whopping $40,388 at auction...
True Collectors Item
Add this to the list of things you can collect as part of the former Metrodome. A auction website has put a few troughs from bathrooms up for auction.
On The Block
ST. LOUIS -- He's considered the greatest St. Louis Cardinal of them all, and fans of Stan "The Man" Musial have a chance to own a piece of his personal collection, ranging from game-worn jerseys to championship rings -- even his legendary harmonicas...