Bob Valvano

Bob Valvano
NBA and College Basketball junkies awake... When Bob Valvano comes on Overtime with Jeff Thurn its basketball 101.
Bob Valvano is a College Basketball Analyst with ESPN and is a host on ESPN Radio.
He joined Jeff most recently to talk about some NBA Draft selections, NBA free agency and much more...
ESPN's Bob Valvano on Overtime
With the NBA Draft fast approaching, there are certainly moving parts as far as NBA Prospects are concerned.
The 2013 NBA Draft order is set, and now its a bit easier to envision certain destinations for certain players and teams.
ESPN's Bob Valvano joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to discuss those …
Bob Valvano Interview (AUDIO)
Voted one of the best radio voices in the country, Bob Valvano's voice carries a lot of weight in the business.
His opinion though is so widely respected, that it was nice to have him on Overtime with Jeff Thurn.
He joined Jeff Thurn to talk about the Final Four, his predictions and the Mike Rice…