Brian Engblom

What a season for the NHL.
First a lockout, then a shortened season and what a shortened season it was. With the teams only playing conference games during the regular season, it was a pleasure to see the inter-conference matchups take on a new sense of importance...
Game 4 Preview
A pivotal Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals is on the horizon between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks.
The series is currently sitting at 2-1 in the favor of the Bruins.
To give us perspective on the Finals so far and some insight into Game 4, we had NBC Sports NHL Analyst Brian Engblom jo…
Brian Engblom
The shortened NHL Season is coming to a close with a few playoff spots up for grabs.
NHL Analyst with NBC Sports Brian Engblom checked in on Overtime with Jeff Thurn to discuss the season as a whole, predict who will get the final playoff spots and give his MVP predictions...
NHL Analyst on OT (AUDIO)
Current NHL Analyst with NBC Sports Network, Brian Engblom joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to talk about the current state of the NHL on Monday.
Being a former coach and player in the NHL, Brian brings a very interesting perspective to the game...