Class Act
A NFL team resigns a player after they cut him in order to pay for his daughters cancer treatment.
Coach Don Meyer Leaves Basketball Legacy
Not many people learn about a cancer diagnosis after surviving a horrendous car accident.  Even fewer can find the blessing contained within a double-barrel full of tragedy.  There was only one Don Meyer.
Twins GM Has Cancer
Minnesota Twins GM Terry Ryan has been diagnosed with cancer and will not attend at least the start of Spring Training in Florida in order to address the illness.
The Twins released a statement from Ryan on Monday, describing the recent discovery of a lump in his neck by the team physician duri…
Judge Sides With Armstrong In Book Lawsuit
A federal judge in California sided with Lance Armstrong and the publishers of his autobiographies on Tuesday, rejecting claims in a lawsuit that lies about not using performance-enhancing drugs amounted to fraud and false advertising.
Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano received a warm welcome in his return to the sideline Sunday, then watched his team score on its first drive.

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