Chris Paul

Give CP3 A Break
Anyone that is giving CP3 a hard time for leaving LA and joining forces with Harden should kick rocks. He did his time like everybody else, get on or get left.
Dude Perfect Shots
The Dude Perfect guys teamed up with Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul for amazing trick shots. Most of the time I'm skeptical of these videos, what do you think?
Injuries Plague Stars
Three major injuries occurred in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. What does that mean for those teams and how does that affect the rest of the playoffs?
Best in the NBA?
Derrick Rose was unwilling to return in a time of need last season for the Chicago Bulls, throughout the season's final month and into the postseason.
Medically cleared to play back in March from his reconstructive ACL surgery, Rose chose not to return to the lineup even though doctors had given…
Top Point Guards: Now and Then
When you get into the discussion of top NBA position players, no matter the position, it garners up a great discussion.
Looking at the top NBA point guards of today's game as well as the past is no different.
Here are the top 10 NBA Point Guards in the NBA right now...