Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly

NHL, Players Talk
Lots of questions, but still no answers in the NHL labor fight. The league and the players' association spent much of Saturday talking to each other via conference call, strictly for the purpose of sharing information regarding the NHL's new contract offer.
NHL Makes New Offer
The NHL's latest offer to the players' association was enough for the sides to make plans to meet this weekend. The league and players are expected to talk via conference call on Saturday, and have tentative plans to meet Sunday in New York.
NHL, Union Speak
NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and players' association special counsel Steve Fehr spoke on the telephone but still haven't made plans to meet face to face.
NHL Talks Break Off
Donald Fehr thought he and the hockey players he leads were close to a deal to save the season. The NHL said not so fast, and then took away everything that created all the optimism in the first place.

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