NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr

NHL Talks Break Off
Donald Fehr thought he and the hockey players he leads were close to a deal to save the season. The NHL said not so fast, and then took away everything that created all the optimism in the first place.
NHL Talks to Resume Tuesday
NHL owners and players have met in big groups. They've held smaller sessions. They're tried federal mediators. Nothing has worked, so they're going to try something different.
NHL Lockout Threatens Entire Hockey Season
The National Hockey League season was supposed to be in full swing by now. Instead, the NHL is mired in a labor dispute, with the owners locking out the players and -- so far -- wiping out more than two months of the season. In question-and-answer form, here's a look at where things stand.
NHL Suggests Two-Week Break
Negotiations had already hit a wall in the ongoing hockey labor fight, and now the NHL has suggested the sides take an official two-week break before getting back to the bargaining table.

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