NHL Training Camps Set To Open
NHL hockey is finally back, and this time it's official. The league and its players agreed to a required memorandum of understanding on Saturday night that truly makes the lockout a thing of the past. Training camps open Sunday and the 48-game regular season starts Saturday.
It's about time!
It looks like there will be a hockey season after all -- shortened for sure, but perhaps back in business in a week or so. The NHL and the players' association reached a tentative agreement early Sunday to end a nearly four-month-old lockout that threatened to wipe out what was left of an alre…
Still Talking
Hockey players are sticking together as a union for now and are working long and late hours with the NHL to try to reach a new collective bargaining agreement to get the game back on the ice.
NHL Talks Resume
The proposals are flying back and forth between the NHL and the players' association. Whether significant progress is being made in the process still isn't all that clear.
Players Respond
The NHL and the players' association will start the new year right where they ended the old one -- at the bargaining table. Negotiations are expected to resume Tuesday after the league reviews a counterproposal presented by the players on Monday.
NHL, Players Talk
Lots of questions, but still no answers in the NHL labor fight. The league and the players' association spent much of Saturday talking to each other via conference call, strictly for the purpose of sharing information regarding the NHL's new contract offer.
NHL Makes New Offer
The NHL's latest offer to the players' association was enough for the sides to make plans to meet this weekend. The league and players are expected to talk via conference call on Saturday, and have tentative plans to meet Sunday in New York.
NHL Players May Dissolve Union
NHL players will begin voting Sunday on whether they will grant the players' association's executive board the authority to dissolve the union because of the inability to reach a collective bargaining agreement with the league.
End In Sight?
The NHL and the players' association did all their talking at the bargaining table, far away from the public eye. With another round of talks scheduled just one day after more than seven hours of negotiations, perhaps progress is being made.

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