Skrewed Up Dude of the Week

Skrewed Up Dude
Usually on Overtime we highlight a "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week'' who has some affiliation with sports.
This week though, we decided to go a different route.
On Sunday afternoon, I was leaving the east side Wal-Mart here in Sioux Falls, SD...
Skrewed Up Dude of the Week
This week's "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week" is a past recipient  but not since I've moved back to the Sioux Empire.
Adam "PacMan" Jones had been keeping his nose fairly clean in Cincinnati since the Bengals essentially gave him his last chance after bl…
Ausar Walcott
Clearly we could go this week with Aaron Hernandez, but that story has been getting media attention for longer than a week. But this week's "Skrewed Up Dude of the Week" is Ausar Walcott, rookie Browns Linebacker.
Apparently the Browns' undrafted free agent out of the Univ…
Terrence Williams
A judge has set bail at $25,000 for Boston Celtics basketball player Terrence Williams after he was arrested and accused of brandishing a gun around the mother of his 10-year-old son during a visitation exchange.
Titus Young - Again
Considering how busy he was, there is no doubt that this week's 'Screwed Up Dude of the Week' had to be former Detroit Lions wide reciever Titus Young.