Take a kid outside to play on a sunny day and watch them smile. Take a kid who has cancer outside to Camp Bring It On! and you've just given them one of the happiest days ever!

I asked my friend Dawn, whose nephew died a year ago due to complications from cancer, about the camp.

"It's like a whole new world coming to life," she said. "Big eyes, smiles from ear to ear.  Running and jumping not able to contain them selves. Their whole world stops and the thought of their disease disappears."

Sanford Children’s is once again offering the only residential camp in South Dakota for children with cancer and pediatric cancer survivors. This year’s Camp Bring it On! will be held at Joy Ranch near Watertown, SD from June 10 – June 15.
Joy Ranch is a camp and retreat center on Lyle Lake just outside Watertown. The environment offers children with cancer a unique escape. It’s designed to let kids feel like carefree kids again.