This year I've been to Target Field, Target Center, TCF Bank Stadium, Xcel Center and TCF Stadium multiple times for work. I have experienced some pretty impressive premium seating but Target Center might take the cake in Minneapolis.

Nick Goeman - ESPN 99.1


There's a big difference between sitting in a suite and then sitting in a luxury suite that makes you forget where you're at. That's exactly what the Target Center has accomplished with their Chairman's Club.

The whole experience is pure luxury from the style, the layout and even the foggy double doors that open up into the suite. All the suites have access to their own private stadium seating as well as the suite seating.

Nick Goeman - ESPN 99.1

The bar, which just happens to be all-inclusive, overlooks center court and features "mixologist-inspired" cocktails. There's also a wide selection of local wines and craft beers available for the people who enjoy the neighborhood.

Every suite has their own waiter or waitress that takes care of any particular need or refill that the guest may desire.

Nick Goeman - ESPN 99.1

Target Center didn't hold back when they decided to feed their guests either. They brought in locally-renowned 5-star chef David Fhima to oversee the all-inclusive food.

On the menu tonight was a grass fed blacked strip steak, spicy mediterranean roasted chicken, parmesan spinach, gnocchi (form of dumplings), local cheese and cured meats.

Let me be the first to tell you, the steak was absolutely amazing. Topped with a savory gravy, it's one of the best items I've eaten at a sporting event.

Nick Goeman - ESPN 99.1

In between all the suites is a sitting area where people can grab their food and drinks to socialize with some of the biggest players in the Minneapolis market. Just at a quick glance, I saw suites for Life Time Fitness, Fox Sports North, NorthRock Partners and Treasure Island.

This is a true luxurious experience and I have to give a giant thumbs up to the Target Center for the impressive display. They definitely didn't hold back and that's what it takes to give the big timers in Minneapolis an experience they want to be apart of every year.