The new Tekken Revolution trailer stars the adorably narcoleptic vampire, Eliza, in eight-and-a-half minutes of pure gameplay.

She might nod off a lot and speak with a funky accent, but there's no denying that Eliza is an interesting character. In fact, the way you pronounce her name ("eh-leez-ah"), is pretty weird too. Despite her quirks, Eliza is a pretty kickass individual and has a number of special attacks and combos that can leave an opponent reeling.

In the trailer above, you can see a lot of her dash attacks, as well as her ground-based projectiles. While her projectiles look like they require a charge-up period, they seem to hit pretty hard and are capable of catching foes from low-to-mid range.

Patch 1.4, which includes Eliza, has already hit Japan and Europe, but we'll let you know when it makes its way to North American PlayStation 3s.