Yes it's your turn to host the Super Bowl party and you really don't want to be that person everyone will be talking about next year for not paying attention this year.

If you have been either the host or the guest of a Super Bowl party then you've seen your share of good and bad. But are there any rules to follow for the up and coming bunch who want part of the party action? You betcha!

Some Do's and Don'ts in no particular order:

  1. Guests-When asked if they can bring anything tell them straight up what you want. You don't need 20 bags of tortilla chips
  2. TP-Make sure to set out a few extra rolls in each bathroom. Two sidenotes here (1) know where the plunger is and (2) reserve Merry Maids
  3. Team Jersey-Sure it's OK. Even if your team isn't playing
  4. Garbage-Big enough, more than one and empty often
  5. Napkins vs Paper Towels-Think about this. When you go to a BBQ joint there is always a big roll of paper towels on the table for a reason
  6. Seating-Make them comfortable
  7. Food stations-Yes more than one. Don't try and cram everything in one place
  8. TV-Turn the sound down during the commercials or halftime and this will be your last party
  9. TV Remote-Set the volume and hide it
  10. Taxi, Uber, Lyft numbers-For those who partied way too much

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