Just when you thought the Tim Tebow saga was over, here it comes once again. It appears that Tebow himself isn't the only one who wants the former Gator Heisman back in the NFL.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was quick to give his suggestion on Tony Romo's replacement:

On one hand you have Tebow-Mania, with humble Tebow just looking for that NFL dream and on the other hand you have the wild and eccentric Jerry Jones. Sounds crazy right? Maybe that craziness is actually a perfect match made in crazy heaven. We all know that Jerry Jones is not one to shy away from theatrics.

The probability that Tebow will actually take another crack at the NFL is as close to zero as you can possibly get without actually hitting zero. While Tebow and Tebow fans appreciate the vote of confidence from the Texas governor, the thought of Tim Tebow back in the NFL will for the time being remain just a thought. But oh what an intriguing that it is.