I grew up in Sioux Falls and never thought that Hartford would one day be my home.

After going to college in Minneapolis and living in Nashville, my wife and I relocated back to South Dakota for our professions.

We eventually found the house we wanted in the Sioux Falls area, but it wasn't in Sioux Falls, we landed in Hartford, SD.

As we come up on our three year anniversary of living in Hartford, I've come up with a list of "The 5 Best Things About Living in Hartford South Dakota."

  • 1

    The Hartford Steak House

    Also known as the Hartford Steak Co., this Hartford gem is my favorite steak place in all of the Sioux Empire.  Owned and operated by Kristin Blaine and her parents Todd and Diane Friese, this Hartford hot spot is a must see!  Prime Rib on the weekends and Filet Mignon during the week. Delicious!

    Hartford Steak Company & Tavern via Facebook
  • 2

    The Quietness

    Growing up I always envisioned getting as far away from the quiet of South Dakota as I could, but after living in downtown Minneapolis and downtown Nashville, its been very nice to experience a different style of living over the last few years. I always catch myself pausing at night when I step outside to really enjoy the tranquility a small community like Hartford can provide.

  • 3

    Pizza Ranch

    The one thing I would like to see Hartford get more of is fast food or quick dining options.  Pizza Ranch though is one of my favorites.  Plus since they deliver, it makes life so much easier in a small community where in a lot of cases people have to drive to the nearest city to get food like pizza.  And the buffet is GREAT!

    Pizza Ranch
  • 4

    Central Valley Golf Course

    It is so nice to have a golf course in your town. Not to mention one that is taken care of as well as Central Valley.  I golf quite often out there and always enjoy my time on the course, even though I am a hack.

    Central Valley Golf Course via Facebook
  • 5

    West Central School District

    Not only is my wife employed there which you have to appreciate as a husband, but the fact that I have met some great people that work there and that attend school makes West Central a true bright spot in our community.  I think the four schools within the school district are well maintained and well managed.  Our little one is only a baby, but I would love him to attend the West Central School District when he gets older.

    West Central School District