I've never been to a Nebraska Cornhuskers game prior to this past weekend against Miami. The experience in Lincoln was one that I won't ever forget.

I have been a fan of Miami going back to the early 2000s. I'm not a "die-hard" Canes fan but I've always enjoyed watching them. When it was set up, and the offer was out there to go, that the Canes would play the Huskers it became a no brainer.

I've been to different stadiums around the country, and there always seems to be a bit of resentment towards fans of the visiting team. Nothing ever hostile, but enough out there to, at times, really make away fans uncomfortable.

Going into one of the biggest non-conference games that the Huskers have seen in a long time, I wasn't sure how I would be perceived wearing Hurricane Orange. I was shocked at the response.

There was no "(Insert vulgar word here) Miami" "Go back to Miami" or anything negative thrown our way. Just one simple sentence from everyone walking around Lincoln.


That statement echoed around the entire city of Lincoln. Husker fans continued to invite us to their tailgate festivities and expressed their excitement for the game coming up. Even during the game, the fans were polite and respectful. There's a system of policing each other in the stands.

The atmosphere was phenomenal, and I highly recommend that people go experience a Huskers game at least one time in life. If you are a fan of an opposing team, book your flight or road trip to Lincoln and enjoy.

It will be worth each minute. Welcome to Lincoln.