As we look back at the most recent Monday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, there is more here to decipher than just a box score.

Let's look at the bigger picture for both teams.

First let's look at the better of the teams and that being the Bengals.  This suffered a week one defeat that I don't think is indicative of the overall roster talent.  The more defining game was the win over the Steelers on MNF.

The Bengals are now 1-1 and have experienced something some of the undefeated teams haven't.  That is adversity.  They lose their opener and came back to beat a division foe who has been their achilles heel over the last few decades.

The future is here in the AFC North and it resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With a mix of talent vets and young production, the defense will click on all cylinders all season long.  Not to mention a offense that is led by third year QB Andy Dalton who has just come off two consecutive playoff appearances in his first two years in the NFL.

The Bengals will be a tough team all year and will be in the Super Bowl mix come January.

On we go...

The Pittsburgh Steelers were a mess offensively in their first two games.  So bad, that head coach Mike Tomlin came out on Tuesday and said the offense is the reason they are 0-2.  Furthermore, this pains me to say this, but since I have been a card carrying member of Steeler Nation since 1992, this offense may be the least talented bunch i've seen.

I get the injury bug hasn't been nice to the Steelers, but what NFL team doesn't face adversity as it pertains to injuries.  You can leave that excuse at home with the children.  Bring me some reasoning that one of the most storied franchises in NFL history and maybe the most storied, cannot field a competitive team offensively.

Defense has always been the staple in Pittsburgh, but even the D is looking like they are confused at times too.  Not to mention that defense isn't the same without James Harrison running wild in black and yellow.

I knew coming into the 2013 season that the Steelers wouldn't make the playoffs, but I wasn't aware it was this bad.  Plus, its not a easy fix.  You need health, you need more talent and I even think more desire.  That's a lot to acquire 2 weeks into the season.

Just know this, the bigger picture from MNF is this:  The Bengals are for real, real Super Bowl contenders.  The Steelers on the other hand will be able to make vacation plans now as its clear the postseason is not in the cards this year.