The Dallas Cowboys are in a whole heap of trouble offensively now that Jason Witten has decided to retire.

The 15 year NFL vet has made his impact on the league as one of the best tight ends and people the National Football League has ever seen.

His effort, his production and his relentless pursuit of winning was something that I have always marveled at.

Witten's retirement though, especially at this point in the off season leaves a big hole in the passing game that is going to cause all kinds of problems for the Dallas Cowboys.

They already will be without Dez Bryant who was cut earlier this month and now will be without the #1 target for Dak Prescott in the passing game.

I know the Cowboys made some additions this year, but are you really excited about Allen Hurns as the new #1 option? The answer should be no.

It is going to be a long year for the boys from Dallas.

I'm not going to revel in the disappointment that will be the passing attack of the Dallas Cowboys, but I can tell you that I know of one ESPN First Take host that is laughing right now. (HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!)