As you grow up, you go through several phases, let's call it Seasons of Watching football. Here are some of them.

1. You ask yourself 'why do people watch football.'

2. You get a favorite team and you start to 'like' football.

3. You get a little older and you start to obsess with football. You know, buying jerseys. Knowing stats and other 'stuff' like that.

4. You set your weekends up around football and friends and parties.

5. You get married and have kids.

6. You watch football at home. Cause your wife will let you and at least you're home with the family.

7. The kids grow up and move on to other things. Football is pretty boring watching by yourself.

8. You return to your old ways. Watching football at a local pub, but now it's with one of the kids.

Yep, Sunday the Packers were NOT on TV. So I called my oldest son and we headed off to The Eastway Bowl here in Sioux Falls. It's an awesome place to watch the Pack, because there are a lot of Packer fans who hang out there.

Oh, we had a good time too. You kind of forget how 'fun' it can be to watch football!