A new video from Zenimax Online Studios shows off The Elder Scrolls Online's hearty character creation suite. Maybe our Elder Scrolls characters will finally look attractive for once.

According to art director Jared Carr, the team really wanted the character creation system to be "very robust." As a result, they've implemented plenty of tools to help you play around with your character's physique, their face and all of the extra stuff in between.

You're able to create a chiseled, muscular warrior, a lithe rogue or even a portly mage. The decision lies with you and can be executed using the many tools for adjustment that allow you to play with height, shoulder size, chest size, hand size and everything else you need to customize your character's body.

Facial customization options are similar in that you can make your character with a gaunt face or with fuller cheeks. Then there are the myriad hairstyles that you can choose from, just to ensure that your character has an amazing coif when riding off into battle.

Check out all of the different looks you can play with in the video above and look out for more news on The Elder Scrolls Online as we slowly approach its released on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014.