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You've heard him call the games on CBS for the NCAA Tournament, and now he joined us on Overtime. Dan Bonner of CBS Sports gives us a look into what being in the NCAA bubble is like and the outlook for the rest of the tournament.


Time to get a little crazy. Charlie Saunier of WNSR Radio in Nashville talks AJ Styles, a 3-minute NHL update, and if he thinks anyone can stop the Yankees this year.


"While we're still playing in the midst of a pandemic I think we all see the light at the end of the tunnel...There's a lot of optimism with vaccinations on the rise. and hopefully, over time we're going to beyond 10,00 fans" - Twins President Dave St. Peter on future of fans at Target Field.


Iowa is coming off a wrestling championship, so we went to the best person we could find to break it all down for us. Legendary wrestler and coach Dan Gable tells us some stories of the past and gives us a look at this past weekend's wrestling championships.


We go all the way to Russia to check in with Daniel Wallach. Daniel discusses the business impact of sports betting and why South Dakota is missing out, and more from the sports business world.


Mike Miller is coming back to Sioux Falls and is bringing a new restaurant with him. Let It Fly will open at the current Turks and Caicos building and location in Sioux Falls. Mike gives us the details about the new restaurant and looks at some of his NCAA Tournament memories.


The NCAA Tournament begins this week and we went and found an old friend. Utah State Head Coach, and former University of South Dakota head coach, Craig Smith joined the show to discuss where his team stands going into the season, his battle with COVID-19 in the fall, and Matt Mooney cheering against him.


The transgender bill is on Governor Noem's desk waiting to be signed. What would that mean for NCAA events and other events in South Dakota? Sports Illustrated's Julie Kliegman gives the information about why this bill isn't good for the state and what people should know.


"Yes. Definitely...That is the plan [return to the PREMIER Center 2022]. We're hoping for the best with the vaccinations and that we're able to battle this and come out to where we can have a lot of fans in the arena next year. That's our number one goal for sure." - Summit League Commissioner Tom Douple on the tournament moving forward.


"I don't think there's a chance in a million years Russell Wilson gets traded...If Seattle were to trade him the cap hit would be extraordinary. It is the Philly conversation, but they weren't designed to compete in the NFC at the time and Carson Wentz isn't Russell Wilson." - Bruce Murray discusses the trade rumors surrounding Russell Wilson.


The Summit League Tournament is this weekend and Dawn Plitzuweit has had a lot on her plate between coaching her team and her son AJ's knee injury. How has she balanced the coaching and being a mother role through all of this? This interview is can't miss and one of the best we've had in a long time.


"I consider the Twins a top-7 team in baseball right now. That can move within that seven. I always consider them that team that you don't want to play in a short series or the team that is on that cusp that is 1-2 players away." - Wayne McDonnell Jr. on the 2021 Minnesota Twins.


"I wasn't shocked but I think the realization will be much louder and more impactful when we go out to training camp or even OTAs if they have them and not see him out there. You just get used to seeing these iconic guys that have given so much to the organization for so many years. For him to not be there will be eye-opening. - Ben Leber on Kyle Rudolph being released by the Vikings.


"There's a lot of good people who have big platforms. A lot of people who are interesting, and there are people who do it by not demeaning other people."  - Dan Wolken discusses issues with Dan Dakich on Twitter and then talks about the college basketball world.


"If you call and ask about Deshaun Watson get ready to hear a dial tone has been what the message has been." - Jake Asman updates us on the status of Deshaun Watson in Houston.


"What is different is the idea of then hiring an active assistant coach in season. That is very, very rare...People only came up with a couple of occurrences over the last 20-30 years. This was sort of inevitable. The team hasn't made any real progress in the last couple of years." - Keith Smith of Yahoo! Sports discusses the Timberwolves coaching change and the rest of the NBA.


"The hardest thing without question has been trying to plan for moving targets. Starting way back in the fall when we weren't sure whether were or weren't going to play, what the NCAA would allow us to do in the fall, even as we've moved into the spring season with the adjustments and changes we've had to make including the expectation that we were going to play this week and one week ago we found out that wasn't the case. We had to be resilient and find creative ways to move forward." - USD Football Coach Bob Nielson talks about getting to the spring football season and the challenges the team has faced.


"It's totally justifiable for some folks to take a 'prove it to be in the playoffs' approach to this team...the core of this group has not advanced past the first round of the playoffs. That said, the Jazz have been enormously impressive this season in a number of ways. I would say the most impressive thing has been the selflessness of the team. I know that can be cliche, but this Jazz team really is unlike any that I've covered here. - Ben Dowsett on the Utah Jazz 2021-22 season.


"The incentive structure and the salary structure before you get to free agency is absolutely brutal for players. It's becoming even more brutal for the players when they do hit free agency because unless you're that top-tier guy and you're coming into free agency under 30. Before, you'd get paid for what you've done in the past and now front offices are looking at what will they do in the future and at what age." - Anthony Witrado takes us into the world of baseball free agency and why MLB players are actually undervalued, a look at the 2021 Minnesota Twins, and why he wouldn't want Theo Epstein as MLB Commissioner.


"It's not real serious right now or serious talks about trading him. There are rumblings because some things make sense...If there really is any validity to anything more than just people in the front office mulling over the idea it would come after Carson Wentz is eventually traded. Teams will want to know what you can get for Carson Wentz. If some team is stupid enough to give two first-round picks to Philadelphia for Carson Wentz, imagine what you could get for Kirk Cousins." - ESPN's Courtney Cronin on Kirk Cousins trade rumors.


"He was the second voice on the phone that I heard on draft night...It was just so surreal to hear a name like that on the other side of the line knowing that he was going to be my coach and that he had such an important part to draft me at that moment. I truly felt like one of his guys. I just remember just a passionate guy. He's one of the very few coaches that balanced work and family the way he did." - Ben Leber reflects on the passing of NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer


"Yes. I'm going to say that with 100% hope based on what state associations have been doing to navigate through this to this point. They are on it. And I think if communities take care, do what they're supposed to do, and people go and take advantage of the vaccine when it's available...and if we continue to pay attention to strategy to keep kids and fans safe we're going to be ready." - NFHS Director Karissa Niehoff on high school sports being good to go around the entire country come Fall 2021.


"We continue to have a record level of dollars that were put in the city budgets and roads. This is the time of year in February where people start to realize that the roads get beat up during the winter. The potholes are showing up and there are roads that need repair. So we're going to have a record level spent on roads again. That's not sexy, shiny work but it's part of the day-to-day grind that needs to be done." - Mayor Paul TenHaken updates us on things going on around Sioux Falls and gives us his Super Bowl prediction.


"They'll get a couple of offers maybe from the Jets and Miami that can be very appealing but they've lost all credibility right now with their front office moves and everything they're doing but if they get rid of Deshaun Watson they're not going to find a quarterback equal of that for a decade or so." - John Clayton on why he doesn't think Deshaun Watson will be traded.


"But on top of the tunnel was this older woman and she had to be somebody's grandmother. She looks so sweet...She screamed my name, and I looked up thinking I was going to wave and I had this grandmother literally flip me the bird. I remember thinking to myself, 'holy, what is going on? What am I walking into? She's 90!'" - Jay Williams on playing in the Duke/North Carolina rivalry.


"The word "spiteful" is not in his vocabulary...He may be frustrated with a different offensive coordinator again in his career, or here are all these trade rumors with that he'll go to Proverbs to realize that he's not to worry about this and let it fall into place...I've come across a lot of people in two decades of calling Vikings football and this man is the most real and honest with his spirituality of anybody that I've ever met in my entire life." - Minnesota Vikings radio voice Paul Allen gives us a look into who the real Kirk Cousins is.


"I think Houston gets even more for Watson now and I think he gets traded. When you see John McClain, who's covered the team forever for the Houston Chronicle, say two ones, two two's, two defensive starters, if there was no way they were going to trade Watson he wouldn't start to put out there what some of the parameters might be. He wouldn't mention a team like the Jets. I think they know that it's heading this way." - Former NFL Offensive Linemen Ross Tucker discusses a Watson trade.


"I personally do not believe that Deshaun Watson will be traded. I think there will be a lot of back and forth, a lot of discussions, leaks, sources say, but in the end, I don't think he will be traded." - ESPN's Jeff Legwold details out the business side of things between the Texans and Watson, and why he doesn't think a trade will happen.

"It's been a hard era to try and evaluate for hall-of-fame worthiness. I'll admit, I'm one of those people because the first 2-3 years I didn't vote for Bonds or Clemens. I changed my mind because I realized that there was no speed limits before 2005. I think many players were cheating and only a few got caught." - Lavelle Neal gives us an inside look into the Baseball Hall of Fame voting process.


"I've never actually climbed up on the cage and done a backflip off of it. Technically, I chose the biggest stage in the entire world to try something that I have never done before that could have either been A) One of the greatest celebrations of all-time or B) me ending up in the hospital in front of literally millions and millions of people." - Michael Chandler takes us through his fight with Dan Hooker from UFC 257 and his backflip celebration.


"I was surprised by how he thought it wasn't a big deal that he came from a town of 600 people without a golf course and a cold climate. He just didn't think it was a big deal. I kind of reminded him that that's his story and people can appreciate that..." - Jerry Schemmel talks about his interactions with Tom Byrum and tells us some remarkable stories that he has encountered.


"Somebody wrote in, 'if you ever meet anyone who looks at you like Tim Kurkjian looks at Hank Aaron tonight, you should marry that person.' That's how enthralled I was with Hank Aaron that night. He was mesmerizing." - Tim Kurkjian tells stories on his interactions with the late Hank Aaron.


"There's always tension on the set and generally speaking you want that tension to be good...It is really intense and you're doing everything in your power to appear as violent as possible and not injure your training partner." - "Born a Champion" actor Sean Patrick Flanery details what it's like on the set of an action movie."


"(play) as many as you can. I always have said that. You get coached differently, your body gets to move on different surfaces. Unfortunately, it's gotten to a point where a lot of kids in high school and the different coaches have to make that decision because it's year-round" - Augustana head coach Tom Billeter on kids playing multiple sports. Billeter also talks about this weekend's upcoming games against Winona State.


"I don't think he'll be a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer but I think he has a good shot on making it in. He has a strong resume, was an iron man, and he put up the numbers. He will certainly have a strong case." - Adam Amin on Phillip Rivers' retirement.



"We've been in discussions since we knew that the bubble would be how the season would look this year. Between the two of us, it just made more sense to concentrate on next season. For the Heat to concentrate on this season and for the Skyforce to concentrate on games when we can play in the Pentagon...It just made sense to opt-out at this point." - Sioux Falls Skyforce President Mike Heineman details the decision to not participate in the 2021 NBA G League season.


"Tom and I became very close friends. All of us had our own unique relationship with him. He's such a pro and this is such a great opportunity for him. He's going to be on the sidelines for the Super Bowl!" - Rece Davis talks about his relationship with Tom Rinaldi, the end of the college football season, and more!



There will be seven classes of high school football in 2021 and 2022 in South Dakota. Why did we get here again? SDHSAA Executive Director Dan Swartos gives us the full details:



"This isn't fear...we all may not like it but we're airing on side of caution." The Summit League made the decision to play its basketball championships at the Sanford Pentagon in front of no fans. Commissioner Tom Douple details the reasons why the decision was made.



Should you let your child play football with all of the worries surrounding concussions and CTE? Dr. Kester Nedd joins Jeff Thurn to give his thoughts on youth sports.


"If you're thinking long-term, which they won't be, if I had the chance to obtain (Deshaun) Watson I would do it in a heartbeat or at least make the phone call...If I were the Vikings, the reality is this. They are not going to win a Super Bowl, they can win a playoff game, but not going to win a Super Bowl with their current philosophy on offense as a team and with Cousins at QB." - Judd Zulgad talks the future of the Vikings.


ESPN Radio host Freddie Coleman joins the show to discuss the firing of Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson, tonight's CFB National Championship Game, and the NFL Playoffs.


National MLB writer Scott Miller joins Overtime to reflect on the passing of legendary baseball manager Tommy Lasorda.


Former NFL Tight End Anthony Becht joined the program to talk about the upcoming Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff game against Washington, the rest of the NFC, and he issues a challenge for the burger battle.



South Dakota State University Athletic Director Justin Sell joins Jeff Thurn on Overtime to discuss hosting fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming transfer changes, and the wonderful support of Brookings for SDSU athletics.



Mike Golic Jr of ESPN Radio joins Jeff to discuss the potential of a "Mike Golic Jr day" in Sioux Falls. Mike also previews the upcoming NFL Playoff games and the College Football National Championship.

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