It's finally time to say goodbye.

The big white roof of the Metrodome will be deflated sometime tomorrow in Minneapolis. There won't be any explosions, there won't be any real fan-crazy interaction, the crew will just open up all the doors and watch it come to a deflating end.

Kind of fitting for the Metrodome.

Don't get me wrong, I have always loved the building for what it was. My first experience was back in 2002 when I attended the Vikings/Giants game in which Daunte Culpepper was benched. From that time, I've attended over 30 events in that building. I've seen great quarterbacks come into the dome (no, I don't mean Tarvaris Jackson), great teams, and always crazy fans.

We'll always remember the tiny concourses, the awful bathrooms, the cluster of people trying to leave the stadium through a few set of doors, getting blown out of the dome, and being stuck in the middle of a 32 seat row and having to figure out whether to go left or right to exit.

It was a special place where you could make the building shake, go home with a migraine headache, and still wish to go back. It was like a drug. For all the negative aspects of the building itself, once seated in the blue seats none of the problems mattered any more. It was a second home, but not a vacation home.

I said my final goodbyes after the Lions game to the Metrodome. It was surreal walking out of the building knowing it was the last time. I can compare the feeling to leaving the college campus you attended for the last time as a student. There is a direction ahead, and it will be better, but for now it's just a missing puzzle.

The future is bright. In just a matter of a few years there will be something new in which memories will be made.

For now, it's just time to raise a toast one last time. Goodbye Metrodome and let the air take you down on the way out.