The Miami Heat on Monday night added another notch to their winning streak by running the Minnesota Timberwolves out of their own gym.

The Heat rolled to a 97-81 victory over the lowly Wolves in Minneapolis behind 32 points from Dwayne Wade.

The Miami Heats winning streak is now at 15 games on the season  and looking at the upcoming schedule, they may run this thing all the way up into the 20's.

The most interesting aspect of this team outside of future first ballot Hall of Famer and current league MVP Lebron James is that they can get scoring from anywhere at any time.

Whether they need Bosh to put in 15-20, Wade to add the same numbers or erupt for 32, plus whether its Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Norris Cole or whomever, they are so loaded.

Oh yeah, don't sleep on their defense too. They are only giving up on average 96.3 points per game and have a 7.3 point differential which ranks third in all of the NBA.

No one in the East will test Miami come playoff time.  The Knicks and the Pacers may give them fits in one game, but no one will stretch Miami past a five game series in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

When it comes to the West, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and the Los Angeles Clippers may pose a threat in the NBA Finals, but honestly, I don't see any of them taking Miami to the brinks of a seven game series.

That's just how dominant this team is and it all starts with their leader "King" James.  No one  in the league can guard him, he can defend anyone and he doesn't mind sharing the rock, making him more versatile and dangerous than ever.

Calling it now, Heat are the best team in the NBA and will repeat come June.  No need to watch the rest of the season...