It's been another down year for the Minnesota Twins, but there has been one consistent bright spot in starting pitcher Phil Hughes. Hughes fell just one out short of a $500,000 bonus.

Hughes has had a great season, posting a 16-10 record with a record earning strikeout to walk ratio. Hughes on the season tallied 186 strikeouts to just 16 walks, or a 1.13 WHIP.

Having watched a lot of Hughes over his career, my one concern was his consistency. This year he proved that he can be a consistent and great starting pitcher. In a year in which the Twins believed Ricky Nolasco would be the guy, it's been Hughes making the waves.

We're also talking just one out away from the bonus. A 66 minute rain delay caused manager Ron Gardenhire to make the decision to sit Hughes, which in turn is understandable. With four games left to go, and Hughes' season over, the Twins should pay Hughes the bonus for the work that he has done.

Consider it a thank you to having a down year. The Twins over the history of time have had a hard time keeping certain players in Minnesota. Making this move now, or at least giving the opportunity for one more out, could give Hughes more reason to re-sign with the Twins after his contract expires in 2016.

Business wise, the decision to not pay him makes sense. It's a half million dollars. I get that. One way to consider it though is the short term keep of a half million might cost the team the long term commitment of Hughes. Give him the opportunity, or just pay him the money. Keep the player happy.

Besides, what's $500,000 to the Twins? Not like they are opening up the checkbook for other players.