Last season the Minnesota Vikings were led by the NFL's leading rusher and MVP Adrian Peterson.

HIs improbable return from knee surgery was the talk of the NFL and ultimately allowed the Vikings to get back to the Playoffs last season.

Although the Vikings were a playoff team a year ago, its clear to see that there are some holes that Minnesota needs to fill and those could be filled shortly with the beginning of Free Agency in the NFL right around the corner.

With Christian Ponder entering his third year in the NFL and clearly having issues becoming a down field passer, the Vikings would clearly benefit from a deep threat.

On the open market this year there are two high profile wide receivers available, Wes Welker and Mike Wallace.

Welker is a slot receiver while Wallace offers the deep threat ability.

In addition to Wallace fitting the mold of what the Vikings are in dire need of, he is considerably younger than Welker.  Plus the Vikings have something similar to Welker in the often controversial Percy Harvin.

The issue doesn't become whether the Vikings are interested in Wallace, its whether or not Wallace is interested in them as there will certainly be other suitors.

The front runner for Walllace's services will be and are the Miami Dolphins.  Offering a similar option at quarterback with a young one at that, but offering the same kind of money in the friendly confines of South Beach.

Maybe one hidden aspect of the appeal ability of the Vikings is the fact that they are building a new stadium that will be indoor and on turf which as many NFL analysts have pointed out, may entice Wallace to come to Minnesota.

For Vikings fans, the state of Minnesota, the future of the organization and more importantly to compliment Adrian Peterson, they better hope Wallace is wearing purple and gold come training camp.

If not, they could always re-unite with Randy Moss...