Even though the Minnesota Wild have seen their season come to a end without a Stanley Cup title, the 2014-2015 season was a success.

Considering where this team was at the early part of January, how can you look at this season any differently?

Head coach Mike Yeo was on the preverbial hot seat while the Wild front office was determining whether or not they'd be buyers or sellers come the NHL trade deadline as we rang in the 2015 year.

They ended up being a buyer, acquiring the services of Devan Dubynk from Phoenix and it was a true game changer.

Dubynk had an amazing regular season, starting game after game and shutting down the Wild's opponents with ease.

The bigger problem with this roster isn't in net, clearly its with the consistency offensively.

Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville probably make too much money compared to the production on the ice and the Wild would probably be better served moving on from both of them and using that cap space to look elsewhere for offensive help.

Plus, I love Ryan Suter, but he was playing way to many minutes in the playoffs and that needs to be addressed this offseason.

One thing that was consistent and productive was Zach Parise.  Without him, the second round would not of been even a possibility this year.

With a successful season to build off of, a great fan base and a head coach that I believe in, the Wild should find themselves in the Stanley Cup Playoffs come next spring and with another year of experience in that position, the Wild could find themselves moving much further in the playoffs next season.

The Wild finished their 2014-2015 season by being eliminated in four games of the second round of the playoffs by the Chicago Blackhawks.