Now that the second half of this 2015 MLB season is underway we can take a look back at another well played All-Star game.

There are many fans, myself included, who may be saddened to see it end but not all is lost. We have to remember after all, that the winner of the All-Star game receives home field advantage (game 7) in the World Series. In this case the American League earns that advantage and also earns my vote on what league will win the World Series.

I know that many individuals may call me crazy for putting too much weight on the All-Star game and even crazier for predicting a winner this early. To all those individuals just hear me out, there is definitely a method to my madness.

Even though the All-Star game hasn’t been as significant to the World Series in years past, just the act of winning the All-Star game has always had significance.

If we take a look at the last ten World Series Winners seven of those ten belonged to the league that won the all-star game. Seven out of ten seems a heck of a lot better than three out of ten. As the saying goes, “numbers never lie”. If you’re still not sold here’s the wild part about all of this: there has only been two game sevens within the past ten World Series’.

To say that the All-Star game is nothing more than a glorified exhibition game or that winning the all-star game means absolutely nothing is just absurd. Granted, there are some flaws within the game itself but that is to be expected with any all-star caliber game. It’s not like it’s the NFL Pro Bowl which is nothing more than the NFL’s lessened version of the Harlem Globe Trotters.

There are a plethora of statistics out there that support this claim, but I’m sure there are none more supportive than have already been presented.

The MLB All-Star game is no exhibition game and believe it or not bears an advantage regardless of a game seven or not. It is a game that truly brings meaning along with the excitement and pageantry. That’s the All-Star advantage.