I saw a story online that said the third Monday in January can be the most depressing day of the year.

It has to do with failed New Year's resolutions, an expensive Christmas, fewer daylight hours and that sort of thing. But I'm not buying it.

Now, I've written before that I don't make New Year's resolutions. If something is worth doing, you should be able to motivate yourself to get started any day of the year, not just on January 1.

Our Christmas was not expensive. It was meaningful. True, the children in our family did well at Christmas, but they should. They're kids, and we love them very much, although I think they know that without being plied with presents.

And fewer hours of daylight? Notice sometime how much brighter the sky is at 5pm these days than it was even a few weeks ago. And spring begins in two months!

I know, many people have have problems that go beyond resolutions, Christmas and daylight hours, and I hope they can get some help.

But leave the most depressing day of the year--Blue Monday, as it were--for some other day.

Income Tax Day, April 15, is always a possibility