This year's NBA All Star Dunk Contest certainly wasn't one of the best, but it is getting a lot more criticism than it may deserve.

We all get that no "SuperStars" want to be a part of the dunk contest anymore, unlike the days of Jordan, Kobe, D.Wilkins and Vince Carter.

However, even though the names may be C list stars instead of A list stars, the athleticism and overall difficulty of the dunks is still at a top flight level.

With Terrance Ross of the Toronto Raptors doing the same dunk that Vince Carter did to win his title with, Ross took it to a new level by jumping over a young kid.

Furthermore, you hear a lot of criticism in regards to the props that they use during the dunk contest.  I'm not sure why this is.  In my opinion, I'm not sure if Wilkins or Carter could've done those same dunks over a car or a painting as we saw during this year's contest.

I can understand the people who have a problem with the fact that there were so many missed dunks.  There should be a number of missed dunks allowed even within the time frame given.

Will we ever get the "SuperStars" in this league to compete again?  Probably not, but that doesn't mean we cant embrace the young talent that could one day find themselves in a position of leadership in the NBA.

But again, to hear the critics bash this year's contest for me is unwarranted.  I know I graded it out as a B-, but with all the conceivable dunks being done in the past, a B- to me is a solid grade for the contest.