The NFL announced yesterday that their annual NFL Draft will take place in Chicago in 2015. With the move, the NFL has now opened more doors to the Draft's future.

It's been a long staple of Radio City Music Hall to have the NFL Draft each April (or May last year). The relationship between the two organizations seemed to hit a bumpy road heading into this past Draft. Radio City Music Hall booked an Easter Musical show that would run around the same time of the Draft. The two entities worked together and the NFL moved the Draft back into May.

The issue? The Easter Musical show was cancelled also. With the relationship on a few bumps, the NFL looked at moving the annual players selection meeting to a different location.

The two favorites? Los Angeles or Chicago. The two other largest markets in the United States.

Moving the NFL Draft to Chicago does have its benefits. Chicago will now have the opportunity to impress the NFL and keep it in their town for years to come. As for the NFL, this opens up the potential chances to consider moving the NFL Draft each year to a new city and make it even more profitable.

The negative? Well, I guess that the Jets fans can't have their annual breakdown.

When it all comes down to it, the NFL has the chance to open up a bidding process for the right to host the annual event. In doing so, cities will battle against each other (like the Super Bowl) for the right to host it causing more money to go into the league pocket. On top of that, the league now holds the power to dictate when the event will take place. Essentially, they hold all the power cards. For that alone, it's a complete win for the league.

And they won't get pushed back for a cancelled musical. Sorry New York, Chicago is ready.