Huset's Speedway's 2013 season comes down to a grand finale on Sunday September 8. It's the race that pays $10,000 to the winner and $5000 to the 2nd place finisher.

This special event pertains to the outlaw sprints. This class is commonly referred to as the 410's because they are allowed 410 cubic inch engines. It's the top class of sprint cars all around the country.

The drivers that are allowed to compete in the season ending big money race at Huset's on September 8th had to qualify thru out the entire season. There are 2 events left to get qualified and they are Sunday August 25th and Sunday September 1st.

There will be additional drivers making the list based on their attendance. But here's the current list of qualified drivers so far based on performance.

  1. Mark Dobmeier
  2. Lucas Wolfe
  3. Kyle Larson
  4. Terry McCarl
  5. Cole Wood
  6. Jody Rosenboom
  7. Austin McCarl
  8. Chris Martin
  9. Ian Madsen
  10. Lynton Jeffrey
  11. Scott Winters
  12. Jason Solwold
  13. Dave Glennon
  14. Tim Kaeding
  15. Rico Abreu
  16. Daryn Pittman
  17. Paul McMahan
  18. Cody Darrah
  19. Tony Stewart (out with injuries, but on the list)
  20. Joey Saldana
  21. Sammy Swindell
  22. Jac Haudenschild
  23. Cap Henry
  24. Tim Shaffer
  25. Ryan Bickett
  26. Dylan Peterson
  27. Dusty Zomer
  28. Greg Wilson
  29. Dale Blaney
  30. Danny Holtgraver
  31. Jordan Martens
  32. Chuck McGillivary
  33. Dakota Henrikson