It isn't a big shock, but the Sioux Falls Arena is losing another tenant to the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. It was announced today that the Sioux Falls Storm will play in the new events center starting next season.

The Storm have played in the Sioux Falls Arena since 2000, when they were known as the Sioux Falls Cobras, and concluded their stay at "The Storm Shelter" last season. Over the years, the Storm have won seven championships at the Arena. The Storm only lost 14 games at the Arena since 2001.

The Arena was a special home to the Storm, and provided a unique atmosphere for the team. The end-zones were a mere five yards deep, the field goal post on the south side of the field was partly blocked by the media hangover, and the fans we're directly on top of the field. It became a rarity to see the Storm lose at home with all the home advantages that they had.

Now at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, the Storm will have a full sized field, normal hanging goal posts, and the crowd won't be as on top of the action. The quality of the team won't decrease from the venue switch, but the quality of the fan experience will certainly be better as there won't be a bad seat.

The Storm will open the 2015 season in February.