Lebron James is the best player on the planet.

Kevin Durant isn't far behind though.

The San Antonio Spurs had won 19 games in a row before Oklahoma City snapped their streak behind 28 points from the "Slim Reaper", Kevin Durant.

This is no new phenomenon, Durant leading the Thunder to big wins or him scoring 25 plus points in a game.  In fact, this was the 39th game in a row that Durant had at least 25 points.

Durant is also running away with the scoring title this year too.  Carmelo Anthony sits 4.2 ppg behind Durant and its all but over.

Plus, looking at the bigger picture for the Thunder is the fact that they are 3 games back in the current standings in the Western Conference behind the Spurs and 2 up on the Clippers for the 2nd overall spot.

Just think if Durant is able to continue this scoring tear into the postseason giving the Thunder momentum and not to mention the second best player in the world playing at this high of a level can only signal a deep run into the playoffs for OKC.

I'm a "hoophead" and not just my kind, but anyone who loves the game of basketball is hoping that we get a rematch of the 2012 NBA Finals in which we had Durant and Lebron matching up for all the marbles.

Life would be good if we got the best scorer in the world vs. the best player on the planet.