In less than a week, Adam Martin and his sister's Kiss Cam video have been watched on YouTube over six MILLION times. Not because of a kiss (THAT would have been awkward!) but because Martin is a planner and had brought a sign with him.

You've probably seen his "My Sister ------>" sign by now and the huge laugh from his sister, who is already back home in New York.

Martin is a lifelong Minnesota Gophers fan, so when he was taking his attractive sister to the Gopher hockey game on Valentine's night, he knew the cameramen were likely to pick them out of the crowd for the Kiss Cam, so he figured he'd better be prepared!

Martin says next year he hopes to bring an actual date to the game, but in the meantime, he and his sister (and his sign) have made it into the newspapers in the U.K. and South Korea as well as being YouTube stars.

I wonder how many millions of guys have asked for his sister's phone number since she spent Valentine's Day with her brother at a hockey game?