Lists are fun. I love lists.

So let's make a list.

As the night before Christmas fees, I feel that emotion every single year on the Wednesday night before the NCAA Tournament.

As we enter the 2013 NCAA Tournament for real on Thursday, I reflect on what I want from the Bracket Santa and wrote him the following letter.

Dear Bracket Santa,

Hope is well... Hope you and the Mrs. have had some quality time together before March Madness begins.

I you'll be very busy brings cheer and jeer to fans all across the country, but could you just take a "few seconds" of your time to help a guy out with some presents this holiday season, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. Let the buzzer beaters be plentiful.  In a year with all the parody, I want to see some real "Madness".

2. Bring us a extra special "One Shining Moment" montage at the finale... Gota love that!!

3. Santa bring me a great run by Arizona. Have them in the Final Four and could make or break my bracket.

4. Santa bring some College Basketball knowledge to the Tuner Sports Crew i.e. Chuck and Kenny for their broadcasts this year. Last year was like watching a plumber describe electric work. Both work with their hands, but one fixes toilets and one fixes sockets.

5. Finally Bracket Santa, this is something we can all relate to, I need not have to WIN my office pool, but please Bracket Santa, don't let me lose to the wacky receptionist again this year!


So hopefully, all my presents will be neatly wrapped this year. Hopefully all are a part of this great holiday we call "March Madness".