The Minnesota Vikings stepped into Sundays game against the New York Jets with history against them. With one play in overtime, the Vikings shattered a record that stood since 1975.

The Vikings and Jets don't play each other often. Every four years the teams meet, and it's only once every eight years that the Jets come to Minnesota. With a distance between games, it is easy for a huge streak to begin.

Prior to yesterday, Minnesota has only beat the New York Jets one time. That game was back in 1975, a 29-21 win. The Jets won the next seven meetings with the Vikings, three of which were in Minnesota.

The series is now 8-2 in favor of the Jets, and the two teams won't meet again until 2018 season. That is unless the Jets and Vikings play in a Super Bowl prior to that.

So what is the longest losing streak to one team for the Vikings now? Minnesota has not defeated the Indianapolis Colts since 1997. The two teams have played four times since 1997, three of which were in Indianapolis. As for quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have never lost to the Vikings.

Positively, the Vikings have a long winning streak in their favor against two teams. Minnesota has never lost to Houston (since team's inception in 2002, first meeting in 2004) and has won the last three games against Jacksonville since 2004. Cleveland has also struggled against the Vikings, winning only one game since 1992.

Streaks are meant to be broken, and the Vikings have finally settled a score from 1975. Now we'll see how long they'll hold onto the positive winning streaks that they hold.