Sports are my life.  Usually my articles, stories, experiences, lessons and more are shaped by the sports world that I engulf myself in each and everyday.  As a sports radio host that is my job and more often than not my job spills into my personal life.

On that same note, as most of us do, our personal life spills into our professional one.  Usually that is not always a monumental occurrence, but today I hope it has that kind of affect.

This story has nothing to do with sports other than the fact that the young boy featured has a passion for them including playing baseball.

This story does though have the potential to be a monumental moment in your own life.  A opportunity for you to grow as a person and hopefully open your heart to things that you have most likely never experienced.

This weekend my wife sent me a email link asking me to watch this video.  I of course planned on doing so, but got a bit busy.  Monday night came and I had not watched it yet, so my wife insisted I watch it with her.  I thought it was just "another" story, yet my wife was so persistent and captivated that I figured I better take a look myself.

And thank God I did!

I ask of you to please, spend 8 minutes of your life watching this emotional journey of the Whittington Family and the overwhelming courage of a 6 year old boy named Ryland.


It will be 8 minutes of emotion, compassion, times of questions and more so, 8 minutes of experiencing what TRUE LOVE is all about from two tremendous parents.

Enjoy this message, enjoy this journey and please share this with as many people as you can.  These kinds of stories are what allow us to open our minds and open our hearts to a situation that is about treating people with respect, compassion and love!

I don't have kids, but someday hope to soon and I pray that I can have the ability to parent like Jeff and Hillary Whittington.  With care, empathy, sensitivity, tenderness and most importantly show my kids the kind of overwhelming LOVE that these two have for both of their children!  I hope this story and journey helps YOU do the same!