There are many situations across the NFL where fans would personally crawl over broken glass to secure a franchise QB that has eluded their franchise for years.

In the case of these four guys, they would be happy I'm sure to crawl over broken glass themselves in order to be the franchise quarterback elsewhere.

1. Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills – The man got pulled for no reason, ownership clearly doesn't have his back, no cohesiveness at the offensive coordinator spot, team not great and yet Tyrod Taylor still had a pretty solid season all things considered.  He pulled a screw you move this week by opting for surgery that may end up being the final nail that guarantees his $27.5 million dollar salary for next year and the Bills may be forced to pay him the money and have him as their starter.  But I guarantee you, that if he could get the same money elsewhere he would!

2.  Brock Osweiler Houston Texans - The fit for Brock in Houston has never seemed to work in year one.  I wonder if he would want to do it all over again and go back to Denver and compete for the starting job there vs. just being handed it in Houston.  He's played very tentative in Houston and I blame the coaches for that.  They have never fully bought in to Osweiler as the general and Bill O'Brien their head coach has continued to squabble with his QB in the media and behind the scenes according to reports.  It just doesn't have the feel of a situation that will work itself out.

3.  Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts - First of all, the Colts are an unstable organization right now and that can't be comforting for one of the best in the NFL.  He got the money from them in a huge extension so he did have a choice to stay longer, but I contend he was blinded.  He was blinded by the success Peyton Manning had despite Jim Irsay and Luck thought he could as well.  But ownership and the front office have not helped Luck as much as they helped Manning and it clearly shows.  The Colts haven't drafted offensive line help and they don't have the weapons that Manning had at his disposal, all reasons for concern for Luck and his future in Indy.

4.  Jay Cutler Chicago Bears - To be honest I think this one would be mutual.  The Bears are ready to move on from Cutler and I think Cutler is ready to move on from the Bears. The emergence of a suitable Matt Barkley down the stretch of 2016 also adds fuel to this fire.  It seems the end has come for him in Chicago and I bet Jay Cutler can't wait to get to his new starting role elsewhere in the NFL.