The family and I went to our first Sioux Falls Storm football game this past weekend. It was also our first time in the Premier Center, and I have to say it's shiny and new. Very arena-ie. And there were escalators, which were the kids' favorite part.

The game was great, we cheered at things happening and other events. I also made a few discoveries.

1) I saw a guy wearing a shirt that just said "Football." It was gloriously simple, I want one.

2) Vuvuzelas quickly go from, "Hey cool, vuvuzelas," to "Uhh vuvuzelas." But in a surprising twist, by the third quarter it was, "I love those vuvuzelas, I want one."

3) I saw Sioux Falls doppelgangers of Jim Gaffigan and Drew Carey. It was like a biker Jim Gaffigan, which was even cooler. But, the Drew Carey didn't look like he'd want to play Plinko.

4) I have a popcorn problem. The problem is that I can't seem to eat popcorn. You would think that it would be a simple activity. Hand into the popcorn, grab a few popped corns and place in mouth. It's only about eight inches from the bucket to my mouth, but I don't seem to have the hand eye coordination to close the deal. If I picked up three corns two ended up rolling down my body. Every time. Even when I slowed down and carefully tried to make it happen, I failed. It's a good thing that the kiss cam didn't find me under my blanket of popping corn.