Today is South Dakota State University's 132nd birthday. The school was founded on this day in 1881. After mentioning that this morning, I made mention of the school colors: blue and gold. I was immediately called out for this because I should have known, as a former SDSU student, that the school colors are blue and yellow.

My mistake! I would agree that the color of Megan Waytashek's jersey in the photo above is yellow. But most of the college and pro sports teams who have yellow as a color call it gold. Probably because "gold" is a prettier sounding word than "yellow." But they all look yellow to me.

For example, the Minnesota Vikings are purple and gold, but the gold on Adrian Peterson's collar sure looks yellow to me.

Andy Clayton King/Getty Images

Notre Dame sports gold as a color, but it's actually gold, not yellow.

Harry How/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers colors are green and gold. Again, looks like mustard on Aaron Rodgers' helmet to me.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Even my Alma mater, Black Hills State University, has the colors of green and gold. The jersey I wore back in the day had yellow on it, not gold, much like this one.

Black Hills State Athletics

Are you as confused by this as I am? It gets worse. The University of South Dakota's colors are not red and white. What are they?

University of South Dakota

They are officially vermillion and white. But of course they are, USD is in Vermillion.

I apologize to the Jacks for getting your color wrong. I incorrectly assumed your colors did not have logical names. I was wrong. But to join the nonsense color trend I will suggest that SDSU change their colors to "Brookings blue" and "corn." Wait, corn is an uglier sounding word. Lets make it "maize" like Michigan's yellow.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images