I just saw this "Thoughts Every Woman Has In Target" video that came out a week ago. They completely nail the concept of someone going to Target.

Note that I did not write "woman going to Target," I said "someone going to Target." That store gets it's clutches into me too.

If I'm going there to pick up three things, I'll inevitably end up in the electronics section where I can waste an hour in no time looking at GoPro accessories, iPad cases, clearance PS3 games, or any of the other gadgets over there.

Then there's the movie section. I'll think of a random title I think I want to buy and then spend 10 minutes looking for it. Or I'll just look to see if they have something I really like but don't intend to buy like "The Walking Dead" or "Band of Brothers," the latter of which I own both the Blu-Ray and DVD versions of.

Lastly I can even get slowed down in their small sporting goods section. It's not as if it's Scheels and they have guns and ammo. But they have camping stuff and golf stuff. It's still something to look at and make me an hour later than I should be leaving the store.