Whether or not an MLB team would bring in former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was up in the air until today. The New York Mets decided to sign Tebow to a minor league contract after his workout in Los Angeles last week.

According to multiple ESPN sources, Tebow will start his career in Port St. Lucie, Florida with the Mets instructional league that runs from Sept. 18 to Oct. 8.

We all know about the career downfall from quarterback Tim Tebow but could we see a downfall from a baseball themed Tim Tebow? It's highly unlikely because this is simply a 'you're an athlete, let's see what you got' move from the Mets.

Tebow, 29, hasn't played baseball since his junior year of high school. He has power behind his swing still but scouts said he struggled against former MLB pitchers at his tryout. From an athletic standpoint he's got above average speed for baseball standards but again scouts said they were disappointed with his outfield arm.

This will eventually fizzle out if you ask me, unless Tebow is okay with just hanging around in the minor leagues.