The rumors are starting to heat up again about a possible trade involving Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio.

Rubio has never lived up to the hype and his flashy passes and assists and have never created a winner in Minnesota.

It's time to move on and since you have the point guard of the future in Kris Dunn who you just drafted in the NBA Draft this past summer, it makes perfect sense.

The trade that would make the Timberwolves a true contender would be to trade Rubio, your 2017 first round pick and your 2018 second round pick for DeMarcus Cousins.

The Kings have been rumored to be the most persistent suitor for Rubio and the relationship between Cousins and the Kings has never been truly peaceful.

The picks are irrelevant in regards to the future of the Wolves.  They have used enough picks to kick start the foundation of this group and have legitimate stars because of it.

Add Cousins to the mix and your starting lineup would look like this:

PG - Kris Dunn

SG - Zach LaVine

SF - Andrew Wiggins

PF - Karl-Anthony Towns

C - Demarcus Cousins

You would be obtaining the best center in the game and it would be a perfect fit for Cousins who needs the guidance of a head coach like Tom Thibodeau.

He wouldn't be pulling the same kind of crap he did with other Kings coaches and there is a relationship already there between Thibbs and Cousins from Team USA.

The West is loaded, but that starting lineup the Wolves would have would be among the league best and somehow creating more depth on the bench would make this team as formidable as any outside of Golden State and San Antonio in the Western Conference.

Do the fans a solid, do your team a solid and dump a under performing Ricky Rubio, throw in some valuable picks and make the deal a done deal ASAP!